Public Service Resourcing System

Overview of PSRS and the PSRS Library

What is the Public Service Resourcing System (PSRS)?

PSRS is an electronic recruitment tool which screens applicants in minutes, based on their responses to a customized on-line application form that includes an experience questionnaire.

Electronic screening will become more important as the Public Service moves towards a national area of selection for recruitment activities.

What is the PSRS Library?

The PSRS Library contains a list of job-related experience statements for specific job families.

Each job family is comprised of a variety of jobs with similar experience requirements and may include more than one occupational group and/or more than one classification level.

Experience statements in the PSRS Library are developed and validated in partnership with subject-matter experts from departments and functional communities according to established criteria to ensure staffing principles and values are respected.

How is the Library organized?

Experience statements within each job family are grouped by category to facilitate the search process.

Experience statements can be selected from any category within a job family and if necessary from other job families, provided they relate to the experience requirements in the statement of merit criteria.

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