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To search for a job with the Government of Canada, use the "refine search" column to narrow down your search results. Jobs that match your selections will be displayed on the right in the "search results" column.


Adding too many search criteria can limit your results. You can expand your search by:

Job title


To add a location:

  1. type a location in the "Location" field
  2. select "Show"
  3. check a location from the list
  4. select "Add"
  5. repeat to add other locations


To add an organization:

  1. select an organization from the list
  2. select "Add"
  3. repeat to add other organizations

Minimum salary

Your search results will include jobs with a minimum salary in the range you selected.

For example:

No results?

It is possible that we don't currently have any jobs posted that meet your search criteria. To get more results, you may want to:

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