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Various Inspector Positions

Reference number: ICA24J-024142-000026
Selection process number: 23-ICA-ON-OE-VAR-TOR-367
Canadian Food Inspection Agency
Various Locations - Ontario
EG-03, EG-04
$63,361 to $80,168 (EG-03) / $69,699 to $88,187 (EG-04)

For further information on the organization, please visit Canadian Food Inspection Agency

Closing date: 19 February 2024 - 23:59, Pacific Time

Who can apply: Persons residing in Canada.
The CFIA has embraced the common hybrid work model where employees will work a minimum of 40% of their regular work schedule on-site each week at a CFIA approved location. When appropriate, the possibility for telework is dependent on the position and operational requirements. Flexible work arrangements may be discussed with the manager at the time of hiring.

Important messages

We are committed to providing an inclusive and barrier-free work environment, starting with the hiring process. If you need to be accommodated during any phase of the evaluation process, please use the Contact information below to request specialized accommodation. All information received in relation to accommodation will be kept confidential.

Assessment accommodation

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) is a separate employer and is not subject to the Public Service Employment Act.

The CFIA considers applications from individuals who have legal status to work in Canada and does not give preference to Canadian citizens.

We will only accept applications received through the GC Jobs website, therefore you must submit your application by clicking on “Apply online” in this advertisement. Persons who are unable to apply online must use the “Contact information” below, prior to the closing date, to request specialized accommodation.

**Please note that these positions are advertised simultaneously via a CFIA internal process for Ontario Operations employees (23-ICA-ON-INT-VAR-TOR-368) and the same assessment tools will be applied to both processes. Consequently, CFIA candidates in Ontario Operations who apply will only be assessed once. CFIA candidates from Ontario Operations that apply to both processes, only the information that was submitted through the CFIA internal process (23-ICA-ON-INT-VAR-TOR-368) will be assessed.


Inspectors at the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) inspect and certify products, focusing on key areas of specialization including (but not limited to) fresh fruit and vegetables, dairy, meat, plant protection, feed, seed, fertilizer and fish.

Key activities will vary depending on the positions being staffed. They can include:
• Conducting ante mortem and post mortem inspection of animals at slaughterhouses.
• Collecting samples for laboratory analysis.
• Export certification of food and food products.
• Assessing Preventive Control Programs.
• Inspection of imported and domestic food, plant, feed, seed, fertilizer and animal products.
• Export certification of plant, feed, seed, fertilizer and related products.
• Export certification of animals and animal by-products.
• Regulatory response activities, including control actions, administrative and enforcement actions

Work environment

We offer a bilingual, science-based environment, with excellent benefits, flexible hours, opportunities for advancement, an emphasis on learning and development, and a high level of employee satisfaction. Join a workforce that’s as diverse as the people it serves. You can find some more great reasons to join us on our website: http://www.inspection.gc.ca/about-the-cfia/cfia-jobs/top-10-reasons-to-join-us/eng/1299859095075/1299859142835

Intent of the process

A pool of qualified candidates will be established. This pool may be used to staff positions with similar qualifications, with various language requirements, various conditions of employment and/or various tenures including term appointments, indeterminate appointments, acting appointments and/or assignments.

Positions to be filled: Number to be determined

Information you must provide

Your résumé.

In order to be considered, your application must clearly explain how you meet the following (essential qualifications)

You must meet all essential qualifications in order to be appointed to the position. Other qualifications may be a deciding factor in choosing the person to be appointed. Some essential and other qualifications will be assessed through your application. It is your responsibility to provide appropriate examples that illustrate how you meet each qualification. Failing to do so could result in your application being rejected.


EEd1 Completion of post-secondary education specializing in relevant technical sciences.

CFIA Operations will apply a preference for:
- University graduation with specialization in a field related to the functions of the position.

Applicants submitting education credentials from a non-Canadian institution are responsible for obtaining certification that these credentials are the equivalent of the Canadian education level required for the position.

Please refer to the link below for more information.

Degree equivalency


EE1: Inspection* experience working in the food, plant or animal industries or in a related agriculture industry (experience gained in your program of study could also be accepted).

*Inspection - A scheduled or triggered event (complaint, positive sample, or other) requiring the individual to potentially take one or more of the following actions in order to conduct the inspection: collect and analyse relevant data, inspect on-site activities, sample, test, draw conclusions, conduct root cause analysis, develop, monitor and/or verify effectiveness of
corrective actions, generate and/or maintain documentation and communicate as required.

EE2: Experience preparing and writing reports or letters.

EE3: Experience providing guidance*** to clients in public or private sectors.

***advice or information aimed at resolving a problem or difficulty. It is not educating nor training.

EE4: **Experience interpreting legislation, regulation, policies and procedures.

**Experience is understood to mean the depth and breadth of experience normally associated with having performed complex activities.

If you possess any of the following, your application must also clearly explain how you meet it (other qualifications)


AEx1: Inspection experience in the Horticulture, Fertilizer, Forestry, Grain or Seed programs of Plant Health.

AEx2: Experience in sampling, investigation and inspection of manufactured and/or imported food sectors.

AEx3: Experience in ready to eat food processing and food technology principles.

AEx4: Inspecting/auditing at feed manufacturing/importing facilities or feed products and/or assessing feed manufacturing/importing facilities or feed products against regulatory standards.

AEx5: Experience in the inspection of and/or sampling at meat-processing and/or cold-storage facilities.

AEx6: Experience informing regulated parties of identified non-compliance, and following up to verify that appropriate corrective actions have been implemented, preparing non-compliance reports and taking enforcement action(s).

AEx7: Accreditation and/or successful completion of Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Points (HACCP) / Food Safety Enhancement Program (FSEP), Quality Management Program (QMP), Compliance Verification System (CVS), Standard Inspection Protocol (SIP) and other recognized Food Safety Programs.

The following will be applied / assessed at a later date (essential for the job)

Various language requirements
English essential, Bilingual Imperative

Official languages proficiency will not be assessed for entry to the pool. Candidates entered in the pool will have an opportunity for assessment of their official languages proficiency if and when they are considered for an appointment.

Information on language requirements


EC1: Decisiveness - Willingness to make difficult decisions in a timely, unbiased and objective manner.

EC2: Autonomy - is able to demonstrate how to work alone, with minimum supervision, while making good use of the leeway given to them.

EC3: Resourcefulness - The ability to find efficient and innovative ways to overcome challenges. Being resourceful by optimizing your resources to make something new or better. The ability to adapt and solve problems creatively.

EC4: Flexibility - To be receptive to direction, advice and counsel from others, To adapt easily to change and new circumstances and To think of appropriate alternatives or adopt new work methods.

EC5: Working effectively with others - Collaborate with others in a team environment to achieve common goals.

EC6: Effective Interpersonal Relations - Shows consideration, understanding, and respect for people in the work environment to achieve objectives and positive results.

EC7: Oral Communication.

EC8: Written Communication.

Conditions of employment

Reliability Status security clearance - Applicants who have not lived in Canada for the past five (or ten, depending on security level) years may be required to submit a police certificate from each country in which they have lived for six months or more during this period, as well as other documentation required for the security screening process. Failure to submit this documentation if requested will eliminate the application from further consideration.

The following conditions of employment are required for an appointment:
• Adherence to the CFIA Code of Conduct.
• Adherence to the CFIA Conflict of Interest and Post-Employment Policy.
• Compliance with the Values and Ethics Code for the Public Sector.
• Legal status to accept employment for the entire period of employment.

Any of the following conditions of employment may be required for an appointment:
• Medical suitability: Pass a Pre-placement Health Evaluation and Periodic Health Evaluation.
• Willing and available to travel, as required.
• Willing and available to work shifts.
• Willing and available to work irregular hours (e.g., days, nights, weekends, statutory holidays).
• Willing and available to work overtime, as required.
• To have and maintain a valid driver’s license.
• To assume responsibility for making transportation arrangements to get to diverse and distant work sites in a timely and efficient manner.
• To use in the prescribed circumstances and manner all prescribed safety materials, equipment, devices and clothing.
• Willing and able to be immunized as indicated by job risk, location, overseas travel and other identified risks.
• Willing and available to work shifts in different establishments.
• Willing to work in various locations, including third-party premises.
• To use prescribed and provided respiratory equipment that meets the respiratory program requirements; to undergo fit testing (e.g. may need to be clean-shaven, depending on the respirator design).
• Willingness to abide by strict biosecurity protocols which may require showering several times a day or abiding by certain restrictions on contact with livestock outside of the workplace.
• Willing and able to work in environmentally challenging or physically demanding conditions.
• Willing and able to work in environmentally challenging or physically demanding conditions including at heights, on and over water, aboard vessels in adverse weather and varying light conditions.
• Willing and able to carry and wear 20 kg of protective equipment while performing duties.
• To successfully complete Fall Arrest and Rescue Training.

Other information

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency is committed to building a skilled and diverse workforce that reflects the Canadians we serve. We promote employment equity and encourage you to indicate if you belong to one of the designated groups when you apply.


Personal information is obtained for the purpose of determining an individual’s competence and suitability for employment. If a staffing complaint questions this determination, please be advised that relevant personal information you will provide in the course of this staffing process may be disclosed to substantiate the staffing decision.

Please ensure that you read ALL points listed below, as this section contains important information about the application process. Failure to read these notes and follow these instructions could result in your application missing required information which may result in your application being eliminated from this staffing process.

You are entitled to participate in the staffing process in the official language of your choice.

Applicants who are screened in to this staffing process will be sent further information by email regarding what to expect during subsequent phases of this staffing process.

Depending on the number of applicants, CFIA's needs and CFIA HR plans, volume management strategies such as, but not limited to, top-down approach, cut-off scores, random selection and/or assessment may be used for the purpose of managing applications/candidates. Should a volume management strategy be used, communication regarding the application of the strategy will be provided to those candidates who are impacted.

During the application or assessment process both cheating and plagiarism are considered forms of misconduct and are not permitted. Any person found cheating, including those who help others to cheat, may be subject to removal from the staffing process.

A current copy of your resume may be used as another source to confirm the education and experience you will be asked to describe in the screening questions. It may also be reviewed by prospective hiring managers at the appointment stage.

For more information on how to apply to a CFIA staffing process, please visit: https://inspection.gc.ca/about-the-cfia/job-opportunities/how-to-apply/eng/1340676915348/1340679107182

You will be asked to provide proof of your education credentials later in the staffing process.

Various assessment tools may be used in this staffing process such as: standardized tests, reference checks, written tests, an interview, etc.

We thank all those who apply. Only those selected for further consideration will be contacted.

Contact information

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