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Astronaut Recruitment Campaign - Post-Secondary Recruitment

Reference number: SSA16J-005756-000548
Selection process number: 16-CSA-AST
Canadian Space Agency
Position location: Houston, Texas (United States)
Salary to be determined on a three grades salary scale - for more information, visit the CSA web site

For further information on the organization, please visit Canadian Space Agency

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For more information on the frequently asked questions about astronauts and the recruitment campaign, please click here

Closing date: 15 August 2016 - 23:59, Pacific Time

Who can apply: Persons residing in Canada and Canadian citizens residing abroad. Preference will be given to Canadian citizens.

Important messages

The staffing of astronaut positions is not subject to the Public Service Employment Act.

Any deliberate omission of information or the provision of false information by an applicant during the entire application and evaluation process will result in the rejection of their application for lack of integrity.

Only online applications through the jobs.gc.ca site will be accepted by the hiring organization.

Applicants must read the sections of this advertisement carefully as there is important information regarding the application and how the screening of applicants will take place.

This job application consists of multiple questions, many which require elaboration. It is the responsibility of the applicant to schedule enough time to complete their application before the closing date. Requests for extensions will not be accepted.

Applicants must provide a VALID email address in their applicant profile that is checked frequently.

Intent of the process

The Canadian Space Agency (CSA) is looking for people who want to be part of the next generation of space explorers.

Two individuals will be selected as new members of the Canadian astronaut corps. The CSA is recruiting exceptional people with excellent health; a university education in science, engineering or medicine; and extensive knowledge and experience.

Positions to be filled: 2

Information you must provide

Your résumé.

A covering letter in 1,000 words (maximum) "Please explain what motivates you to become an astronaut and also tell us which elements make you a prime candidate who will contribute to the advancement of the Canadian Space Program."

You must meet all essential qualifications in order to be appointed to the position. Other qualifications may be a deciding factor in choosing the person to be appointed. Some essential and other qualifications will be assessed through your application. It is your responsibility to provide appropriate examples that illustrate how you meet each qualification. Failing to do so could result in your application being rejected.

In order to be considered, your application must clearly explain how you meet the following (essential qualifications)


Bachelor's degree from a recognized university in an engineering or science field (specialization) relevant* to the position and/or a doctorate in medicine or dentistry.

*Relevant specializations to the position:

Applied Mathematics, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Science, Statistics, Systems Science and Analysis, Medicine and Surgery, Nursing, Pathology, Pharmacy, Psychiatry and Mental Health, Analytical Chemistry, Anatomy, Astronomy and Astrophysics, Biochemistry, Biological and Life Sciences, Biology, Botany, Cell Biology, Chemistry, Embryology and Reproduction Biology, Entomology, Genetics, Geochemistry, Scientific Geography, Geology, Immunology, Inorganic Chemistry, Marine biology and ecology, Microbiology, Crystalography and Minerology, Dentistry, Environmental Microbiology, Epidemiology, Software Development and Engineering, Computer Engineering, Remote Sensing, Geographic Information Systems, Optometry, Chemical Technology, Chiropractic, Forestry Sciences, Medicine, Physiotherapy, Natural Sciences, Oceanography, Radiology, Soil Sciences, Veterinary Medicine, Bacteriology, Mycology, Enzymology, Protein Chemistry, Genomics, Neurosciences, Organic Chemistry, Parasitology, Pharmacology, Physical Chemistry, Physics and applied physics, Physiology, Plant pathology, Toxicology, Kinesiology, Neuroscience Psychology, Agriculture, Agronomy, Aquaculture, Fishery Science, Forest Biology, Forestry, Plant Sciences, Automotive Engineering, Bio-Engineering and Biomedical Engineering, Biotechnology, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical and Electrotechnical Engineering, Electronics and telecommunications engineering, Engineering - General, Engineering Management, Engineering Physics/Physics Engineering, Forestry Engineering, Geological/Geology Engineering, Industrial and Management Engineering, Mechanical and electromechanical engineering, Mining and Minerals Engineering, Nuclear Engineering, Biology - Fish and Wildlife, Biology - Environmental, Biology - Botany, Biology - Plant Science, Biology - Medical, Biology - Natural Resources, Biology - Entomology, Marine Biology, Molecular Biology, Bio-Agronomy, Bioethics, Biogeography, Biological Control, Biophysics, Biostatistics, Biological Research Technology, Physical Geography, Geophysics, Geography, Biogeology, Aeronautical Engineering, Aeronautics, Aircraft Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Agricultural Engineering, Engineering Sciences, Geodesy, Photonics, Industrial Engineering, Marine and Naval Engineering, Material Engineering, Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering, Metallurgical Engineering, Oceanology Engineering, Power Engineering, Space Science, Electromechanics, Electronics, Electronics Engineering, Aquatic toxicology, Environmental Chemistry, Geomatics, Geospatial Analysis, Immunochemistry, Modelling, Physical Sciences, Phytochemistry, Taxonomy, Virology or Seismology.

PLEASE NOTE: The system uses an automatic education screening functionality. This implies that the specialization(s) you have indicated in your application under the 'Education' section will be matched against the minimum education requirements of the position (noted above). If you do not possess and indicate at minimum one of the required specializations (noted above), your application will be eliminated from this selection process.

Degree equivalency


Three years of relevant professional experience.*

*A master's degree is equivalent to one year of professional experience and a doctorate (PhD) is equivalent to three years of professional experience.


Valid and recognized licence to practice medicine in Canada (for medical doctors).


Height is between 149.5 cm and 190.5 cm.
Weight is between 50 kg and 95 kg.
Physically fit, and in excellent health.
Blood pressure not higher than 140/90 mmHg in a seated position.
Vision is 20/20 (6/6) or better in each eye, with or without correction.
Not colour blind.
For applicants who have undergone refractive laser surgery: free from visual or other complications after undergoing this type of surgery (PRK or LASIK).
Normal hearing (do not suffer from a recurrent or chronic auditory condition).

If you possess any of the following, your application must also clearly explain how you meet it (other qualifications)


Master's degree or PhD from a recognized university in an engineering or science field (specialization) relevant to the position.

Degree equivalency

Since astronauts are called upon to perform a variety of scientific and technical work, applicants will be invited to provide information on their education, knowledge (e.g. other languages), experience, expertise and certifications.

Experience can also be acquired through volunteer work, student employment and/or scholastic activities or achievement. Applicants are encouraged to include in their résumé any activities or experience related to their field of study that they deem relevant for the position.


Ability to hold a conversation in Russian.
Ability to hold a conversation in a language or languages other than French, English and Russian.


Willing and able to travel frequently on short notice, without family.

The following will be applied / assessed at a later date (essential for the job)

English or French
English and French language profile is an asset.

Information on language requirements


Ability to swim, tread water and swim underwater.


Ability to analyze and synthesize complex information and to communicate it to diverse audiences in a clear and simple manner.

Ability to act as a spokesperson for the Canadian Space Agency.


Team Work

Conditions of employment

Secret security clearance - As part of the selection process you must also obtain security clearance issued by the governments of the Canadian Space Program partners.


Willing and able to be relocated to Houston as of August 2017.
Willing and able to travel for extended periods of time without family outside of Canada and the USA.
Willing and able to be vaccinated against communicable diseases as required.
Undergo pre-employment medical examinations and be able to meet medical standards required for the position.

The applicants selected must meet and maintain the working conditions applicable throughout the term of their employment.


Applicants must successfully write the Public Service Entrance Exam (PSEE).

Applicants who have met the essential qualifications used for the screening will be invited, after the closing date indicated on the job posting (August 15, 2016) to complete the Public Service Entrance Exam - Unsupervised Internet Test. Applicants will have a short period to complete the test and it will be their responsibility to plan their time and availability accordingly.

Other information

You must meet all essential qualifications in order to be appointed to the position.

During the evaluation process, other qualifications, such as assets, may be taken into consideration in the selection of the person appointed. It is your responsibility as an applicant to demonstrate clearly how you meet the qualifications used for screening (education, essential qualifications and asset qualifications). If you do not completely answer the screening questions as directed, your application will be eliminated. The note "see résumé" will not be accepted as an answer. The résumé will serve solely as a secondary source of validation of the screening criteria.

Your résumé must mention your work experience and other relevant experience (beginning with the most recent). Please include: prizes, medals, scholarships and other awards received; list of publications; sports and hobbies practiced; sporting and other achievements. It is to your advantage to be succinct, clear and concise.

During this selection process, the candidate must provide copies of documents certifying Canadian citizenship, proof of studies and, if necessary, all documents confirming the information provided in their résumé or the online questionnaire.

Due to the physical nature of the occupation and some of the assessments during the recruitment campaign, physical fitness is essential.

Candidates will be required to pass a swimming test demonstrating the ability to swim at least 250 meters in 10 minutes, tread water for at least 10 minutes and swim underwater for at least 15 meters.

Candidates must be willing to submit to further medical testing and in-depth investigations as part of the selection process. To be selected, applicants must meet very stringent medical requirements.

Applicants from within the Public Service of Canada must include in their application their Personal Record Identifier (PRI), the group and level of their actual position, and their contact information.

All eliminated applicants will receive an email after the closing date, notifying them of the status of their application.

The Public Service of Canada is committed to building a skilled, diverse workforce reflective of Canadian society. As a result, it promotes employment equity and encourages candidates to indicate voluntarily on their application if they are a woman, an Aboriginal person, a person with a disability or a member of a visible minority group.

The Public Service of Canada is also committed to developing inclusive, barrier-free selection processes and work environments. If contacted in relation to a job opportunity or testing, you should advise the Public Service Commission or the departmental official in a timely fashion of the accommodation measures which must be taken to enable you to be assessed in a fair and equitable manner. Information received relating to accommodation measures will be addressed confidentially.

We thank all those who apply. Only those selected for further consideration will be contacted.

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