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Student Financial Analyst - Summer 2020

Federal Student Work Experience Program (FSWEP)

What you will gain :

Do you consider yourself a numbers person, detail-oriented, and driven to make a difference? If so, then the Financial Analyst job is for you.

The Treasury Board Secretariat is leading a summer student employment in financial management within departments across the Federal Public Service.

• Competitive salaries and work-life balance
• Development opportunities
• Practical and diverse work experience
• Networking opportunities with peers and mentors in the financial management community
• Possibility of future employment

Note: Students may be eligible for full-time employment and inclusion in an entry-level development program upon graduation.

CLOSING DATE: April 30, 2020 however, managers may request students as early as January.

What you will do :

As a Student Financial Analyst, you will work within the financial management function of a department or agency in one of the following areas:
• Financial planning and analysis
• Financial reporting
• Internal resource management
• Financial advisory services
• Accounting operations
• Financial systems
• Financial policy
• Costing
• Internal controls

Duration: Full-time Summer with the possibility to be rehired part-time during the 2020-2021 academic year.

Work locations are across Canada but most jobs are in Ottawa (ON) and Gatineau (QC).

Who we are looking for :

Post-secondary students who are studying in one of the following fields:
• Accounting
• Finance
• Business Administration
• Commerce
• Economics

You must meet the FSWEP eligibility criteria.

Preference will be given to Canadian citizens who meet the job requirements

CLOSING DATE: April 30, 2020 however, managers may request students as early as January.

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